ScheBo® Brainostic™ Laboratory Service

Our service: send us your samples and we will test them for you (price available on request).

ScheBo® Biotech offers a service enabling customers to send and let us analyze an unlimited number of samples of retail meat. ScheBo provides its high-quality equipment and strong experience in standardized rapid screening of meat products for CNS content. After analysis the results are provided as certificates to the customer. Convenient mailing of samples (approx. 10 g) of meat and meat products is sufficient. Within 48 hours after arrival of the samples results are generally available.


  • Very sensitive detection of BSE-high risk material
  • Highly specific immunochemical detection of CNS by use of monoclonal antibodies
  • CNS can be detected in all meat products, heat-treated meat products as well as their homogenized intermediate products and from swabs
  • with one test
  • Does not give false positive results caused by cross-reaction with blood
  • Species-independant screeing for BSE-risk material

Sample material

  • Meat products
  • Heat-treated meat products as well as their homogenized intermediate products
  • Sausages
  • Minced meat
  • Food containing processed meat
  • Swabs

Stability of the packaged samples is determined by their expiry date, Swabs are stable for 2 days at room temperature or for 5 days at 4°C. Storage at -20°C increases their stability. Extracts should be analysed on the day of extraction.