ScheBo®  2in1 Quick™ Test

Combined Rapid Test: M2-PK + Hb:
Enzyme Biomarker M2-PK + Immunological Faecal Occult Blood Test (iFOBT)


Brand new innovative combined rapid test to simultaneously detect the enzyme biomarker M2-PK and human haemoglobin for improved colorectal cancer screening.

M2-PK is an innovative biomarker, which has been identified as a key metabolic enzyme in colorectal cancers and polyps. The dimeric isoform of M2-PK is completely independent from the presence of faecal occult blood and specific for a change in glucose metabolism, which occurs in tumours (direct testing). M2-PK is an ideal screening marker to discover even the early stages of colorectal cancer because it can detect both non-bleeding, as well as bleeding, polyps and colorectal cancers.

The modern immunological faecal occult blood test (iFOBT) for the detection of human blood (haemoglobin) uses a totally different approach from the M2-PK test. It is based on the presence of a source of bleeding in the bowel (indirect method). The iFOBT, which exclusively uses antibodies specifically targeted at human haemoglobin, has been clinically proven to detect more bleeding-associated colorectal cancers and polyps than traditional guaiac-based FOBTs (gFOBT). Its superior specificity for lower gastrointestinal bleeding compared to gFOBT reduces the number of false positive test results, making it an improved screening tool for the presence of human haemoglobin in the faeces from bleeding colorectal cancers or polyps.

The strength of the new ScheBo®  2in1 Quick™ test (M2-PK + Hb) particularly lies in the fact that the enzyme biomarker M2-PK and the human haemoglobin (Hb) are very different biomarkers that are completely independent of one another. Therefore they each make their own important contribution to bowel cancer screening. By simultaneously testing for M2-PK and Hb both non-bleeding and bleeding colon cancers and polyps can be detected

The brand new ScheBo®  2in1 Quick ™ test (M2-PK + Hb):

  • A small stool sample is sufficient
  • Test results available within minutes
  • Simple to perform
  • Not affected by foodstuffs
  • No special diet required
  • No additional equipment needed

Enzyme biomarker for the detection of M2-PK in faecal samples

  • Innovative biomarker
  • Enzyme test with high accuracy for dimeric M2-PK
  • Key enzyme controlling glucose metabolism of polyps and colon cancers
  • Direct method – detects a change in cell metabolism
  • Independent from faecal occult blood
  • Identifies both non-bleeding and bleeding polyps and colorectal cancers
  • No false positive results due to haemorrhoids or blood from other sources

Immunological faecal occult blood test (iFOBT) for the detection of human haemoglobin in faecal samples

  • Indirect method – dependent on blood in the stool
  • Innovative immunological detection of blood in the faeces (Hb) with explicit advantages over the traditional biochemical guaiac testing (gFOBT)
  • Uses antibodies specific for human haemoglobin (Hb)
  • No false positives due to antioxidants
  • No false positives due to foodstuffs

The ScheBo®  2in1 Quick™ test is a brand new colorectal cancer-screening test, which can detect colorectal cancers and polyps by simultaneously using direct (M2-PK) and indirect methods (iFOBT). An innovation, the ScheBo®  2in1 Quick™ test is able to detect both non-bleeding and bleeding colorectal cancers and polyps.

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