pancreatic-elastase-2Diagnosis/Exclusion of Acute Pancreatitis

Main indications and diagnosis:

  • Diagnosis/Exclusion of Acute Pancreatitis
  • Diagnosis of ERCP- or gallstone-induced pancreatitis
  • Follow-up study of acute pancreatitis


E1 is absolutely pancreas-specific. Like other pancreatic enzymes, E1 is released into the blood circulation during an inflammatory episode. Due to its longer half-life, compared to amylase and lipase, its concentration remains elevated longer, and enables detection of an acute pancreatitis even three of four days after onset of the disease. In contrast to amylase and lipase, the serum E1 concentration is only marginally increased in patients with renal insufficiency.

» The test
Further indications, advantages, reference concentration, specificity and sensitivity, method of detection, sample material, short protocol

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