96 well plateScheBo® Biotech AG is an innovative biotech company that is active in the field of development, production and marketing of diagnostics.

The manufacturing of our leading products is matched exactly to satisfy of our customers.

ScheBo® Biotech AG was founded by the biochemists and molecular biologists Ursula Scheefers-Borchel, Ph.D., and Hans Scheefers, Ph.D.

Continuous innovation, strong customer focus and creative problem solving have made ScheBo®  Biotech AG a worldwide leading manufacturer of unique products. We invite you to convince yourselves of the advantages of ScheBo® Biotech AG. Come and see!


ScheBo® Biotech AG
Netanyastrasse 3 / 35394 Giessen / Germany
Phone: +49-(0)641-4996-0 /Fax: +49-(0)641-4996-77
eMail: schebo [at] schebo.com / Internet: www.schebo.com

Board of Executives of ScheBo® Biotech AG:
René M. Kröger, Ph.D. (Chairman)
Sonja Scheefers
Jeffrey Scheefers

Foundation (year): 1989

Areas of Activity: VD-Diagnostics, Drug development

Biological Patents:
ScheBo® BiotechAG holds many national and international patents in the above fields

External Collaborations:
ScheBo® Biotech AG has academic alliances with several universities and university hospitals in Europe, USA, Japan, England, Italy, Israel and Canada.

ScheBo® Biotech UK Ltd., founded: 1999
ScheBo® Biotech USA Inc., founded: 2001


Awards and Certificates:

1993 – Hessian Innovation Award of the MBG

1998 – Hessian Innovation Award of the MBG

2002 – “Hidden Champion 2002”

2002 – “Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft” (4 certificates)

2004 – Among the Top 5 for the “Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft”

The company:

  • is specialiced in the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies against a variety of antigens, the development of routine test procedures (e.g. ELISA systems, biosensors) and the identification and isolation of target proteins,
  • is completely privately funded and hence independent,
  • operates internationally,
  • offers innovative products which have world-wide a unique position in the field of clinical diagnostics.


World-wide Innovations:

R&D and manufacturing led to the successful launch and sales of the following products:

  • ScheBo® Pancreatic Elastase 1 Stool Test
    (launched in 1993)
  • ScheBo® Pancreatic Elastase 1 Serum Test
    (launched in 1994)
  • ScheBo® Tumor M2-PK™ EDTA Plasma Test*
    (launched in 1998)
  • ScheBo® Elastase Canine Test
    (launched in 1999)
  • ScheBo® Brainostic™ Western Blotting Test
    (launched in 2000)
  • ScheBo® Quick-Prep®
    (launched in 2002)
  • ScheBo® Tumor M2-PK™ Stool Test Laboratory*
    (launched in 2003)
  • ScheBo® Tumor M2-PK™ Stool Test Pharmacy*
    (launched in 2003)
  • ScheBo® Pancreatic Elastase 1 Stool Test (fast)
    (launched in 2004)
  • ScheBo® Brainostic™ GFAP ELISA
    (launched in 2004)
  • ScheBo® Pancreatic Elastase Serum Test (fast)
    (launched in 2005)
  • ScheBo® M2-PK Quick™ -Test (lateral flow test)
    (launched in 2007)
  • ScheBo® 2in1 Quick™ -Test (lateral flow test)
    (launched in 2012)

*Info: www.metabolic-database.com

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ScheBo® Biotech AG was founded in 1989 by the biochemists and molecular biologists Ursula Scheefers-Borchel, Ph.D., and Hans Scheefers, Ph.D.

Unique Selling Proposition:

Innovative diagnostics:

In 1993 ScheBo® Biotech AG launched worldwide the first non-invasive, cheap routine test procedure for monitoring the exocrine function of the pancreas. Today well reputed clinicians and medical text books regard the ScheBo® Pancreatic Elastase 1 ELISA, based on two monoclonal antibodies, as the “gold-standard” for non-invasive pancreatic exocrine function testing. ScheBo®  Biotech AG is world market leader for this FDA-cleared product. Continuous innovation, strong customer focus and our problem solving philosophy have made ScheBo® Biotech AG a leading biopharmaceutical company.

Closing a gap:

In 1998 ScheBo® Biotech AG launched the ScheBo® Tumor M2-PK™ EDTA-Plasma Test, the first test worldwide that is able to detect a metabolic state, specific for 11 cancer entities, e.g. colon/rectum, gastric, pancreas, esophagus, breast, lung, prostate, kidney, renal, and cancer of the ovary. The predictive value of Tumor M2-PK reflects tumor activity and aggressiveness and gives clinicians additional information that is not provided by state of the art procedures. Thus, the ScheBo® Tumor M2-PK™ EDTA-Plasma Test closes a gap in the management of cancer treatment in clinical practice.

Fighting cancer, colorectal cancer screening:

In 2003 ScheBo® Biotech AG launched the ScheBo® Tumor M2-PK™ Stool Test, the first test detecting pyruvate kinase in stool, a new tool for colorectal cancer screening. This patented test is superior to the well-known occult blood stool tests. The new procedure has a sensitivity of 85% and a specificity of 92%. 2007 ScheBo® Biotech AG launched the ScheBo® M2-PK Quick™ Test, a worldwide new lateral flow test for colorectal cancer screening. Thereby ScheBo®  Biotech AG hopes to be able to significantly improve colorectal cancer patients′ chances of being cured. The crucial element is a patented procedure for determining Tumor M2-PK in stool samples. In 2012                ScheBo® Biotech launched ScheBo® 2in1 Quick (M2-PK+Hb) a brand new innovative combined rapid test to simultaneously detect the enzyme biomarker M2-PK and human hemoglobin for improved colorectal cancer screening. By simultaneously testing for M2-PK and Hemoglobin (Hb) both non-bleeding and bleeding colorectal cancers and polyps can be detected.

Fighting BSE:

In 2000 and 2004 ScheBo® Biotech AG launched different ScheBo® Brainostic™ Tests which allow the detection of brain and spinal cord (risk material) in meat products, thus providing optimal consumer protection. The patents for both, the GFAP- and NSE-based tests, are owned by ScheBo® Biotech AG.