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ScheBo® M2-PK Quick™ -Test

Rapid test for detecting colorectal and other gastrointestinal tumors for all medical services

The ScheBo® M2-PK Quick™ stool test is a visual immunochromatographic rapid test for detecting M2-PK in stool samples. It is an in-vitro diagnostic test exclusively for professional use. The test is used for colorectal cancer screening and indicates colorectal polyps, colorectal cancer, acute and chronic inflammatory bowel disease and other diseases of the digestive tract. The test result is not affected by any foods, so no dietary restrictions are necessary before taking the stool sample. It does not measure blood in the stool but instead it recognizes the enzyme M2-PK (M2-pyruvate kinase).

The ScheBo® M2-PK Quick™ stool test can detect bleeding and non-bleeding colorectal polyps and tumors. M2-PKQuick™ has 94% sensitivity and 96% specificity when compared with the M2-PK ELISA.

The new rapid test is available since October 2007 and can be used by all physicians in private practise and hospitals. With the ScheBo® M2-PK Quick™ stool test the stool samples can be analysed in only a few minutes for the enzyme M2-PK.

Multicenter Study: Newest data on the M2-PK test published in journal "Gut and Liver"
Korean Scientists have published the very newest data on the M2-PK test in the renowned specialist journal ‚Gut and Liver‘.
New ScheBo® · Pancreas Elastase 1 Quick™ Canine test
The stool test for the fast and reliable diagnosis/ exclusion of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in canine is
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New ScheBo® · Pancreas Elastase 1 Quick™ test
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2in1 Colorectal Cancer Screening Test
New innovative combined rapid test to simultaneously detect the enzyme biomarker M2-PK and human haemoglobin for improved colorectal cancer screening.
Meta-analysis published of faecal M2-PK in colorectal cancer screening
Authors conclude that "We recommend faecal M2-PK as a routine test for CRC screening".
Biomarker ′M2-PK′ Identified as Key Enzyme in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
Ground Breaking Findings on Understanding Cancer Published in ′Science′
Video: Focus 2010 lecture on M2-PK
The high sensitivity (c.80%) and high specificity (>90%) of the M2-PK stool test for colorectal cancer screening and detection, plus benefits for patients, laboratories and doctors, was presented at Focus 2010
Tumour M2-PK as a stool marker for colorectal cancer
Comparative analysis in a large sample of unselected older adults vs colorectal cancer patients.
Coeliac disease and pancreatic exocrine insufficiency
The data have shown that pancreatic insufficiency, demonstrated by low faecal pancreatic elastase-1 levels, is common in adult coeliac disease patients.